Annual Report 2009-2010

  1. AGM / Ganesh Habba: NZKK celebrated Ganeshotsava and held it's AGM on 29 Aug 2009 at the Mt. Eden War Memorial Hall.�
  2. Smarana Sanchike Release: 05 Sept 2009. Prof. Vamanamurthy Smarana Sanchike was released on this day at Mt. Albert War Memorial Hall.
  3. Get-together with Mrs. Sudha Murthy: 31 Oct 2009. Mrs. Sudha Murthy Chairperson Infosys Foundation Bangalore exchanged her thoughts with Koota members on this day at Mt. Roskill School Hall.
  4. Kannada Rajyotsava: 01 Nov 2009 Mrs. Sudha Murthy Chairperson Infosys Foundation Bangalore was the Chief Guest.
  5. Application for Lease: On 11 November 2009 an application to Auckland City Council was made for a Lease facility at Fickling Centre.
  6. Shifting of Library: 19 Dec 2009. NZKK Library was moved on this day from Gandhi Centre to Mr. Natesh's place at 3A Ted William Street Blockhouse bay.
  7. New Year's Eve: 01 Jan 2010. New Years Eve was celebrated with Santa Clause on this day at Senior Citizen's Hall.
  8. Diamond Jubilee Republic Day: 24 Jan 2010, NZ Kannada Koota participated and Prof. Vamanamurthy was honoured posthumously by Bharatiya Samaj, Kumari Sushmita Deshpande performed Shiva Tandava Dance.
  9. Tribute to K S Ashwath and Dr. Vishnuvardhan: .1 Jan 2010 NAGARA HAAVU film screened in memory of Kannada Cine Actors K S Ashwath and Dr. Vishnuvardhan.
  10. Picnic: 13 Feb 2010 at Cornwallis Park, Members sponsored food items and hot food prepared at the site. Every one enjoyed with the sports and leisure activities.
  11. Anthakshari: 28 Feb 2010. NZKK had a Kannada Antakshari competition on this day at Senior Citizens Hall with zeal and enthusiasm. Mr. Satyakumar anchored the evergreen programme of Kannada Anthakshari and promised to repeat the same next year.
  12. Ugadi: 27 March 2010, The Hindu New Year Day was celebrated by NZKK at the Mt. Albert War Memorial Hall. Hon Phil Goff Leader of Opposition and Dr. Jackie Blue Member of Parliament were the Chief Guests. Dr. Daniel Devadhar was honoured by NZKK for getting the MNZM award.
  13. Dr. Raj Kumar's 82nd Birthday: Remembarance of Dr. Raj Kumar on his 82nd Birthday 24 April 2010 GANDHADA GUDI movie was screened at Senior Citizen's Hall.
  14. Lease Agreement Signed: 13 June 2010. Kannada Koota signed the Fickling Centre Lease agreement on this day at Sandringham Community Centre.
  15. Monthly Get-together: E - BHANDHANA movie was screened at Senior Citizens Hall.
  16. Key Received: 19 July 2010. Fickling Centre Lease Premises Key was received on this day from the Auckland City Council.
  17. Shifting to Kannada Centre: 24 July 2010. It was a pleasure to move our NZKK Library to our Lease Premises "Kannada Centre" at Fickling Centre Three Kings.
  18. Indoor Sports: 31 July 2010 and 01 August 2010. NZKK conducted Annual Sports of Badminton and Table Tennis at YMCA Lynnfield and Carom, Chess Tournaments at Kannada Centre.
  19. 63rd Independence Day: NZKK participated in celebration of India's 63rd Independence Day at Gandhi Centre and at ASB Theatre. Kumari Nidhi and Mrudula participated at AIA and Bharatiya Samaj
  20. Inauguration of Kannada Centre: 21 August 2010. The dream came true. Vice President Vasant kumar Kenchappa and Mr. Nagaraja Krishna decorated the Kannada Centre. Kannada Centre was inaugurated by Dr. Jackie Blue Member of Parliament. Mrs. Vamanamurthy, Dr. Kalburgi, Mr. Natesh, Mr. Jeet Suchdev and Dr. Jackie Blue lighted the lamp. Mr. Prabhakara performed Ganesh Pooja, President Mr. Ravishankar welcomed, Secretary Mr. Prakash Biradar briefed the systematic approach followed to achieve this milestone in the history of Kannada Koota and thanked every one involved in this.
  21. AGM / Ganesh Habba: 25 September 2010. New Executive Committee will be elected on this day.

Prakash Biradar



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